What is QR Code
QR Code - this is two-dimensional bar code that provides information for quick recognition of her with the camera on your mobile phone.

Quick Response Codes or QR codes are modern and easy to create. They are great for marketing and promoting your business, company, band, brand, event, charitable organisation and more.

Any organisation that needs ways to promote itself can take advantage of the power of Quick Response Codes.

QR Сode Generator Free is an easy to use service that allows anyone to create a variety of QR Codes for use in their business or other marketing activities.

They work by allowing the creation of a special form of 2D bar code. The QR code generator allows the user to input certain information to create the information to be transferred by the 2D bar code.

This can include web site details, contact details that are automatically transferred to a viewers phone, a text or sms message or a direction to visit special offer page created for a specific QR code promotion. The possibilities are almost limitless and the QR code generator is the tool that makes it happen!

These 2D bar codes are decoded using one of the bar code scanners built into most new smartphones. The QR Code reader application can also be downloaded free from the applications market for the specific smartphone, if one is not already built into the phone. A user then employs the application scanner to scan the code and the transmission of information is instant to the user.

Check And Test Your QR Codes

You can check your QR codes either by using your smartphone to scan the QR image and test the results. Its always a good idea to test that your QR code is functioning the way you want it to as some time things can go wrong when the codes are generated.

  1. Take your cell phone with a camera,
  2. Run the program to scan the code
  3. Point the camera at the code,
  4. Get the details!

1. Solving limited space issues. How many times have you had problems with space in your advertising or product information? Even on TV advertising there is a time limit on how long you can engage your customers. With QR codes you can extend that as your customer can scan QR codes to get more information and spend more time looking at the details of the product or service you have to offer.

2. Retaining information, keeping your potential customers. Picture this scenario, you see advertising for a travel deal that you are interested in. You get back home and for the life of you can’t remember the website details. If there was a QR code on the advertisement you could have easily downloaded the details and stored it safely on your phone. So don’t loose your potential customers keep them using QR codes!

3.Engaging Customers. It’s always hard to find innovative ways to engage customers. QR codes can help drive engagement with your customers as you bring them online via a scan on their phone to make their purchasing experience not only informative but also fun. A good example is providing a quiz on what type of jeans cut suits my body shape. Another example, is in car dealership one can provide QR codes on the each car’s windscreen. A potential customer can scan it and it will give details of the car and price plus comparison information with other available cars of similar specifications.

4. Increasing Sales. Use QR codes to increase your sales by offering promotions, sales or discounts. The rule of thumb is if you offer something of value to your customers they are likely to respond and you will also get extra foot traffic from the message been resent to others.

5. Building database of Customers. Use QR codes to send customers to a signup page for special offers or newsletter. This will enable you to strengthen your database of customers. Ensure that you have good offers for customers to sign up. A good example is to offer a competition or lucky draw that customers can enter by scanning the QR code and entering online. Competition forms can be a hassle and sometimes taken but no acted upon.

6. Social Media. There is an option to send your customers to your facebook page, which will allow them to like and follow your brand. This will enable them to get updates from you long after they have left your store or business.

7. Bringing print advertising to life. Print advertising can now breathe life again as we look at creative ideas using QR codes to bridge print media to digital media. QR codes have been used effectively with creative campaigns. Tesco Homeplus created a life sized printed version of the store’s products in the busy subway stations in Korea. Busy commuters that were waiting at the station could then scan the products onto their phone and purchase products immediately. This helped increased Tesco’s sales as people in Korea had little time for shopping.

8. Tracking Promotions/Advertising. Trackable QR codes are another form of tracking your promotion or advertising. It is vital to understand how your promotion has performed and trackable QR codes will give you vital information for your analysis. You will be able to get information such as scans by date, location, device, device manufacturer, device model.